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    YJ5015-A Series Connector

    YJ5015-A series is general duty standard cylindrical connector. This connector series is widely used for industrial machines, communication equipments, robotics and welding industries, 
    as well as numerous other commercial applications.This series features threaded couplings and single key/ keyway polarization. Shell components are solid endbell and fabricated from high aluminum alloy. Electrically zinc plate finish with an olive drab chromate offers corrosion resistance. With years of experience and proven interconnect solutions, YongJin Elecomm offers a complete line of premium quality 5015 series connectors with 
    a variety of shell styles, contact patterns and accessory options


    Typical Mating Guide

    Ordering Information

    Technical Data

    Materials & Finish

    ShellAluminum alloyOlive drab chromate coating over Zinc plating
    ContactCopper alloySilver plating
    InsulationResilient Synthetic Rubber

    Electrical Service Data

    Dielectric withstanding voltageInsulation resistanceContact Service Rating
    Service ratingTest VoltageOperating VoltageContact SizeTest CurrentPotential drop (max) mV
    Inst.1,0002002505,000M?, min.
    (at DC500V)

    Mechanical Features

    Contact SizePin diam. (mmФ)Solder pot (mmФ)Wire Range AccommodationsContact Engagement and Separation forces
    A.W.GWire nominal Square Size(mm²)Dielectric Outer diam. (mmФ)Min. separation force in lbsMax.Average engagement force in lbsMax.
    force in lbs

    All specifications are subject to change without notice. For more information on the technical data and test methods,please contact our technical department

    Contact Arrangement

    Shell size 8

    Insert Arrangement8S-1
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingA
    Number of Contacts1
    Contact Size16

    Shell size 10

    Insert Arrangement10S-210SL-310SL-4
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAINST,AA
    Number of Contacts132
    Contact Size161616

    Shell size 12

    Insert Arrangement12S-112S-312S-412S-5
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAADD
    Number of Contacts2211
    Contact Size16161612

    Shell size 14

    Insert Arrangement14S-114S-214S-314S-414S-5
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAINSTADINST
    Number of Contacts34115
    Contact Size161681616
    Insert Arrangement14S-614S-714S-914S-12
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingINSTAAA
    Number of Contacts6323
    Contact Size16161616

    Shell size 16

    Insert Arrangement16S-0116S-116S-416S-516S-616S-8
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAADAAA
    Number of Contacts872335
    Contact Size181616161616
    Insert Arrangement16-916-101S-1116-1216-13
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAAAAA
    Number of Contacts223212
    Contact Size16121212412

    Shell size 18

    Insert Arrangement18-118-318-418-518-818-9
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingB,C,F,G=A
    All others=INST
    Number of Contacts1024127152
    Contact Size161216161216121612
    Insert Arrangement18-1018-1118-1218-1318-1418-16
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAAAAAC
    Number of Contacts45631111
    Contact Size12121612816412
    Insert Arrangement18-1818-1918-2018-2118-22
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingINSTAAAD
    Number of Contacts5210533
    Contact Size161216161216

    Shell size 20

    Insert Arrangement20-0120-220-320-420-7
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingADDDA,B,H,G=D
    Number of Contacts101348
    Contact Size160121216
    Insert Arrangement20-820-1020-1120-1520-16
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingINSTAINSTAINST
    Number of Contacts42413772
    Contact Size1681616121612
    Insert Arrangement20-1720-1820-1920-2220-23
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAAAAA
    Number of Contacts15633332
    Contact Size1612161281688
    Insert Arrangement20-2420-2720-2920-33
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingAAAA
    Number of Contacts22141711
    Contact Size168161616

    Shell size 22

    Insert Arrangement22-222-422-522-722-8
    Front face of  pin  inserts
    Service RatingDADEE
    Number of Contacts3224212
    Contact Size81281612012
    Insert Arrangement22-922-1022-1322-1422-15
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingEEAAA,B,C,D,E
    Number of Contacts34141915
    Contact Size12161612161612
    Insert Arrangement22-1822-1922-2122-2222-23
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingA,B,F,G,H=D
    Number of Contacts8142148
    Contact Size1616160812

    Shell size 24

    Insert Arrangement24-224-324-424-5
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingDDEA
    Number of Contacts7523116
    Contact Size12161216016
    Insert Arrangement24-724-924-1024-11
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingAAAA
    Number of Contacts1422763
    Contact Size161248128
    Insert Arrangement24-1224-2024-2224-28
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingADDINST
    Number of Contacts3292424
    Contact Size1241612816

    Shell size 28

    Insert Arrangement28-228-328-628-10
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingDEDG=D; all others=A
    Number of Contacts12233322
    Contact Size1612841284
    Insert Arrangement28-1128-1228-1528-16
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingAAAA
    Number of Contacts184263520
    Contact Size1612161616
    Insert Arrangement28-1728-1828-1928-20
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingR=B; M,N,P=D
    all others=A
    M=C; A B=A
    C,D,E,F=INST; all others=D
    A,B=D; H,M=B
    all others=A
    Number of Contacts151264410
    Contact Size161616121612
    Insert Arrangement28-2128-2228-51
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingADA
    Number of Contacts373312
    Contact Size1616412

    Shell size 32

    Insert Arrangement32-132-532-6
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingA=E; all others=DDA
    Number of Contacts32216232
    Contact Size1200161284
    Insert Arrangement32-732-832-9
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingA,B,h,j=INST;
    all others=A
    Number of Contacts287246122
    Contact Size16121612164
    Insert Arrangement32-1332-1532-16
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingDDA
    Number of Contacts1856216232
    Contact Size1612120161284
    Insert Arrangement32-1732-2032-22
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingDAA
    Number of Contacts41623254
    Contact Size416128416

    Shell size 36

    Insert Arrangement36-136-336-4
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingDDA=D;B,C=A
    Number of Contacts184333
    Contact Size16121200
    Insert Arrangement36-536-736-8
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingAAA
    Number of Contacts4407461
    Contact Size016121612
    Insert Arrangement36-936-1036-20
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingAAA
    Number of Contacts141421483022
    Contact Size1612841616128
    Insert Arrangement36-52
    Front face of pin inserts
    Service RatingA
    Number of Contacts52
    Contact Size16

    Other contact arrangement not listed here, Consult factory

    • 聯系人:鄒丙宏
    • 地址:南京市棲霞區邁堯路18號左右陽光7棟237
    • 郵箱:61243450@qq.com
    • 傳真:86-25-52183933


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